FitMeIn is an online fitness platform which gives you the freedom to access all your favorite fitness classes nearby. It allows anytime access to 750+ premium fitness studios and gyms across Delhi/NCR & Mumbai providing 100+ different workouts every day, without the monotony of one long term gym membership and same workout routine.

At FitMeIn, we have a carefully curated selection of fitness studios that provide hundreds of different workouts which fit to every individual’s needs. Everyone wants a unique way to get fit and we appreciate the idea. That is why we have something new every day for everyone out there wanting to get fit – endurance, strength, flexibility, personal coaching and much more.

We provide you with a massive portfolio of workouts from Bootcamp, Crossfit, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, Booiaka, Crush Cardio, Les Mills Body Pump, Mixed Martial Arts, Bollywood Cycling, Bollyfit, Swimming, Pilates, Power Yoga, Calisthenics, TRX and HIIT and hundreds more.

FitCoins are points that you use to book classes in different studios. Each fitness studio costs you a certain amount of FitCoins depending on their location, facilities and services. This may range from 0.5 - 2 FitCoins for each class flashing on your screen (Read more) when you go on the studio/workout section for confirming your booking.
On confirming your booking, FitCoins assigned to that particular class get deducted, You can check your balance in your account.

You’ll be able to visit a fitness studio at least 5 times in a monthly subscription. Lots of FitMeIn network partners allow more visits, which can be seen on the profile page of the gym partners, before booking. While we are working hard on increasing this cap, you have lots of sweating to do before you run out of FitCoins :)

Right now we have two monthly membership plans. Silver Plan: INR 1299/- 10 FitCoins valid for 30 days Gold Plan: INR 2499/- 30 FitCoins valid for 30 days Validity can be increased anytime for a nominal fee. Each workout is typically 0.5 to 1.5 fitcoins to reserve, you can see the FitCoins assigned to each workout before reserving your spot.

After logging in to the FitMeIn portal you’ll be redirected to the workout booking page, there you can use the “Fitness Studios/Gyms” filter to find your desired workout spots associated with us. Alternatively, you can click here to go the “Book workouts” page. For App users, our App is synced with Google maps so it’s even easier to locate fitness studios/gyms. Switch on your location from settings and our App will auto-detect all the nearby fitness studios/gyms.

You can reserve a workout by clicking on one of the venues, and then selecting the workout you would like to attend. Press the “reserve” button next to the workout and confirm your reservation. After this you’ll soon receive your confirmation SMS and E-mail, which you are requested to show at the fitness studio along with any photo id proof.

We want a smooth and hassle free experience for you. We’re working with our studios and our engineers to keep this as flexible as possible. While you can reserve an open gym access anytime before you go, for a scheduled fitness class like yoga, zumba, kick boxing, etc. you are required to book at least 75 minutes to the scheduled starting time of the class. However, we highly recommend booking your class in advance to have a confirmed spot.

Each workout requires some fitcoins to reserve. Each workout is typically 0.5 to 1.5 fitcoins to reserve. It depends on the membership plan you buy. While reserving a workout you can see the number of FitCoins a workout would require. For example if you have 30 FitCoins then you’ll be able to work out 30 times in a month, if each workout is worth 1 FitCoin.

Absolutely yes, you can renew your membership as soon as you are about to exhaust your FitCoins. This will put you on a fresh monthly cycle. For example, if you run, if you run out of FitCoins during the 10 May – 10 June cycle and renew on the 5 June, your new monthly cycle will become 5 June – 5 July. To renew your membership, recharge through your ‘Profile Page’ or write to us at and we’ll update your account after due processing.

Unfortunately, not. FitMeIn is your own personal passport to the most amazing fitness studios around the city. When you make a reservation for a workout through FitMeIn, a confirmation is sent to the studio in your name which would be verified with any photo id proof that you present at the studio. But we do have an exciting referral program through which you can share fitness with your friends and family. Refer to question ….

For every referral your friends will get 3 Fitcoins when they buy the membership. And that’s not it; you also get 3 FitCoins in return. So, why wait? Spread the word and earn extra FitCoins to burn some calories.
DISCLAIMER: Pasta Lifestyle Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may change its referral policies from time to time without any prior intimation. Further, referral FitCoins issued previously may also be invalidated and debited from the account at anytime without prior notice, as detected during audit run by the system administrator. Audits are conducted to identify cases of use of referral program that is not in line with existing market practices and may cause damage to the interest of the company.

We understand that sometimes you have some urgent work or you make some new plans. So if, you are not going to be able to make to a workout, please make sure you cancel the workout via your ‘Profile’ on the portal or the app. By cancelling a reservation upto 75 mins in advance, your FitCoins shall be restored. For open gym access, we allow anytime bookings that are valid for use at anytime of the day. For cancellation of such bookings, write on or call us at 8882-445-445.

The FitMeIn team has tested workouts at all of our partner studios to make sure they are suitable for all levels — from beginners to advance. Our App features a workout intensity analyzer which will help you gauge the difficulty level of each workout. We also recommend you go through the requirements for each workout so that you are better prepared, both physically and mentally, and can get the most out of your workout. Of course, be sure to consult your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in physical activities!

We would love to hear from you in case there are some workouts being added by your favorite fitness studios/gyms that you would want to be listed on FitMeIn. Please write to us on or call us on +91-8882-445-445

Yes off course, you can get the INR 1299/- pack and enjoy our services across Delhi/NCR & Mumbai. In special circumstances like this, write to us at or call us at
+91-8882-445-445 providing us the duration you want for your FitMeIn membership to last. We’ll try our best to accommodate in everyway we can.

We are adding new workouts and studios every day. If you want to partner with us, please write to us at or simply click here. We would be thrilled to discuss the opportunities with you!

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