Slay the summer woes, the right way!


Scorching sun, buckets of sweat and tanning aren’t the kind of things any of us like or can ever get accustomed to. Summers can be irritating and quite stressful too. That’s the whole reason why hitting the gym on a summer evening would be a great idea.

Why should you hit the gym in summers?


  1. Because it’s easier to shed weight in summers

That’s not a myth. The more you sweat, the easier it gets for you to lose weight within your desired time frame.


  1. Fitness activities are great stress busters

Summers can literally make you feel sick and stressed. 30 minutes of an intense workout session can lighten your mood and fix your anxiety problems.


  1. Summers demand attention

While you can conveniently hide your flab in winters, summer isn’t that easy to deal with. And of course, you too would like to have that summer fit body! So, go ahead.


  1. The extra time off

Let’s just be honest, now. For most students as well as working professionals, summers are a lot easier and flexible in terms of holidays and time off work. Now that you’ve so much of time, utilize it to the maximum.


  1. Mornings and evenings are pretty pleasant

You cannot get away with excuses such as early mornings make me freeze and the evening breeze makes me lazy. Afternoons in summers can be a pain for sure. However, early mornings before work and late evenings after work are the right time for you to give the gym nearby a fair try.




Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary