5 Fitness Magazines we highly recommend you ladies out there to read





Reading, believe it or not, can motivate you beyond limits that surround you. Health and fitness are not something you can afford to compromise on and reading is one thing that certainly helps you feel positive about the same. We have picked a few magazines for you that you should definitely try reading.


  1. Self Magazine:

Self Magazine is sold like hot cakes in the market, with a record of million editions per year. Based out of New York, the magazine launches 12 editions each year and successfully holds its position as one of the most popular women’s health magazines in the world.



  1. Fitness Magazine:

Launched in 1992, Fitness magazine is doing extremely well in the market. The magazine’s success story lies in its methods of promoting health and creating awareness about fitness among the general public.



  1. Health Magazine:

Launched in 1981, Health Magazine is an all time favorite among ardent readers. The diverse topics taken up by the magazine include diet tips, skin care, health, and fitness.


  1. Women’s Health Magazine:

Women’s health magazine was released in 2005 for the first time and has been doing well ever since. With 10 editions per annum, it successfully delves into topics such as nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness.


  1. Shape Magazine:

Shape magazine kicked start its journey in 1981 and stands as one of the leading women’s magazines with regard to health and well-being today. The magazine offers great articles from experts in the field of nutrition, fitness, health and etc.

women5Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary