8 songs to pump you up with energy during your workout session


How boring and sad working out would be if we didn’t have the right music to keep us going! Don’t we all agree that music and working out go hand in hand? We also know that it is the right kind of music that creates a great ambiance for us to feel free in to lift our spirits.

We are sharing with you a list of songs that we feel are a “must have” on your playlist.


  1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Released in the year 1982, this old song is “gold” for you can listen to it even years later today in 2017. It’s an extremely energetic track which we highly suggest you listen to if you haven’t.

1 eye of the tiger

  1. Lose Yourself – Eminem 

Who doesn’t know Eminem, the rap king? All of us go bonkers over his amazing music! This particular number by him will motivate you to run faster and better while you are on the treadmill.

2 Lose Yourself (1)

  1. Work Hustle, Kill – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

This one is a popular number which probably most of you must have already heard at the gym while working out. The repetitive “work” is bound to compel you to work harder on your body.


  1. Can’t Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz 

A perfect song for a perfect workout plan is Can’t be touched. You can play it on repeat without getting sick of it.



4 Can_t Be Touched



  1. Good Feeling – Flo Rida

Released in 2012, Good feeling is a great track to get you started with working out. Flo Rida, you can be rest assured always can create magic with her music.


is (1)

  1. Hungry – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

Hungry for some good music? Hungry is what you’ve been looking for, friend.


 3 Work Hustle, Kill

  1. Back In Black – AC/DC 

Back in black I hit the sack
I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back
Yes I am

You can sing along if you like!

ac dc

  1. Till I Collapse – Eminem


You always can rely upon Eminem for amazing music. Coming back to him again, this is one track you can tune into multiple times.

till i collapse

Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary