5 movies that will inspire you to hit the gym



Of course, all of us need some kind of motivation to help us hit the gym. What better motivation could you ask for than movies?

Go and look up for the below-mentioned movies on Google to get started with your fitness journey. Enjoy your movie date!


Super size me

Super size Me investigates the negative impact of fast food industry in the lives of people. Director and star Morgan Spurlock spends an entire month eating at McDonald’s and the film highlights the effects on his health as well as the company’s ruthless greed. Super size me will leave you feeling disgusted with junk and further culminate the confidence in you to go ahead with gymming.




Heavy Weights

Heavy Weights narrates the tale of a young teenage boy named Gerry who is sent to fat camp by his parents. There he encounters a personal trainer who humiliates him and imposes extreme pressure related to working out on him. Gerry and his friends eventually imprison the trainer and begin eating junk and become sick. This is where the camp counselor steps in and shows them the right path, motivating them to lose weight and exercise. The movie holds a strong message for us- Leave junk and adopt a healthy lifestyle.



Fat is the story of a man named Ken who despite multiple warnings from his doctors regarding his unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle continues to cling to them. However, his personal life impacts him deeply and forces him to give up on his unhealthy lifestyle. Ken’s struggle is something all of us can identify with and hence the movie works as a great source of motivation for all of us aiming to hit the gym.

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Rocky Series

The series of movies under the Rocky banner are a must watch for all of us planning to hit the gym. This series has a total of 6 movies released under the titles- Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. The story captures the journey of a “nobody” becoming the biggest name in the boxing industry. The intense training scenes especially are what you can look forward to.

4 Rocky

Pumping Iron

This is a 1977 blockbuster featuring the hero of all bodybuilders and the youngest ever Mr. Olympia- Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has helped to inspire millions of bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals across the world. The story of the movie revolves around professional building, muscle pumping, bodybuilding, and etc. The movie it goes without saying has the potential to motivate people to hit the gym and train well to attain a fit body.

5 pumping-iron

Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary