When your body wants to talk to you

Sometimes, you tend to get so busy in life that you forget to listen to your inner self and forget who you really are. You do try and listen to your heart and pen down your emotions when it hurts but what about your body? Ever wondered how your body feels when you neglect it and pay no heed to its painful sobs and complaints? Read this to find out what are its exact emotions.

Hola, you!
Excuse me?
Look here!
Can you not see?
I am your body,
Old and decayed
And here I write to you
Instructing you to watch your weight!
Do something to shield me
Before it turns way too late

Hola, you!
Yes, I am talking to you
Awaiting your concern and changes, new
You are fillin’ me with heaps and oodles of junk
Munching tons of it when you are out on a bunk
Look at me!
Look at what you have done?
Have you got no conscience?
Got some guilt?
You feed me with fancy things carelessly picked by your filthy tongue
And I am to bear the consequences!
So, now the million prayers I have sung
For you to hear make no sense at all to you!
Listen! I have some serious and urgent complains to make
Oh, but you are so busy flirting with that oomphy red velvet cake
And here I am, feeling queasy, off-color and so darn blue
And you’ve got not a single clue

Hola, you!
I writhe in pain and let out cries
But oh, they tempt you more
Those bloody good-for-nothing fries
Notice me for once, loon!
Or I will become utterly useless too damn soon
Get goin’ you!

Hola, you!
I am your body
A part of who you are
And what you happen to be
Can I beg you at once to save me?
Fitness ain’t no game
Play it safe, play it true
Because I am part of you
And I look forward to changes, newbody,pic

Think twice before hurting your body the next time, friend.

Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary