9 Absurd things we are sick of hearing about working out at a Gym

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Planning to settle for a gym membership? Fed up of tummy flab and unwanted double chin? But every time you set your heart on finally investing in the gym, people tell you the weirdest possible things which prevent you from taking your plans further? Is that you? Or perhaps, you are one of those who recently begun started working out but well… Urrgh! The more people you bump into, the worse things you keep hearing.

Here are our top ten.

You put on oodles of weight when you leave the gym

It is a common belief that no man who has been to the gym once and opted out has the right to lead a happy and healthy life later. However, there is a reason why you tend to put on weight after you quit working out. Once you leave the gym, you choose to get back to your unhealthy life and eating habits. Filling the body with heaps of junk will surely reflect in the way you look. Moreover, body training and regular exercise are essential for you to even after you leave the gym.

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Not all of us have a gym “kinda” body

“Well, my body is gym friendly while yours is not.” There is no logic at all in this statement. Working out is meant for all, irrespective of gender, age and body type. An eighty year old can walk into the gym and so can a teenager weighing 80kgs. Gyms are not places that discriminate and love one, hate another.

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Gym work outs are for fat people

NO. Working out is not for fat people. You could be an underweight 20 year old and still be categorized as unfit. This obviously means that you need the gym as much as an overweight guy your age needs it.

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Working out makes you weak and queasy

It is commonly believed that working out comes with certain disadvantages and drawbacks one of which is loss of strength and health issues. Initially, you might feel weak and sick because your body is not yet prepared for an intense workout session. In some time, you will witness the transformation in your body. You are going to emerge stronger and fitter each day.

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Machines run gyms

Whether you go Yay or Nay when it comes to bonding with high-tech machines at the gym, the good news is that there is much more to look forward to. From zappy zumba to soothing yoga classes – gyms have them all for you under one roof.

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Working out is a short cut

We love short cuts in life, don’t we? But if we talk about fitness in particular, then it will hurt you a little- there are no short cuts. Working out is intense. People will come up and say things like “it’s a short cut.” Just try spending 30 minutes on working out for a day and you shall realize that the road you’ve taken is a long one and you’ve got miles to go.

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One day of working out and Yayyy, your body is perfect

If you allow the mirror to deceive you and tell you that you have lost weight in a day already, you really need to think twice. You cannot sit back and dump your work out for a single god damn day! There are no BUTS and IFS when it comes to your commitment to fitness.


Youngsters hang out at gyms

Aunties often complain that they are not very comfortable being at a gym because it’s like a hot spot for youngsters to hang out where they feel out of place. Gyms are open to all of us and there’s no specified time or age to give working out a try. Go for it- right away, even if you are 70.

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Working out at the gym is a fashion trend

A lot of people will tell you that you are working out for the sake of it and because you see everyone doing it. Working out is not a fashion trend but a necessity you cannot do away with.  

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Of course, the list of things people keep telling you about working out at the gym is a huge one. We have merely jotted down a few for you which we believe must have made you cringe a little. Well, these things are of no major importance if you manage to reach your fitness goals. Keep your spirits high and fitness goals even higher. The rest hardly matters, isn’t it?


Authored by: Mandavi Choudhary