No More Excuses – There is a Workout for Everyone

It’s already a month into the New Year, and resolutions are being either kept or have been left unattended. Whether you are in the former or the latter category, be not too surprised because it is definitely not an easy commitment. At FitMeIn, our main focus is to ensure that workouts are fun and followed easily by our users. Our concept facilitates fitting in YOUR choice of exercise with YOUR matched dedication and level of commitment. And to make that even more exciting, we came up with matching workouts for your “sun signs” to help you get motivated and try out what gets you off that couch and out into the “sunshine”. Here are our suggestions:


Indoor bycicle cycling in gym Tough and competitive by nature, you love the aggressive workouts where the challenge bar is set high. However, you might run the risk of getting bored too soon, so keep doing a variety of workouts such as Endurance Cycling, Spin Classes, Marathon Training, and Zumba or simply join a running group. The trick is to alternate between a few and keep your interest alive!





Indulgent as well as relaxed by nature, you can’t maintain multiple regimes at one go. For you, we suggest exercises that make you feel connected and social such as power walking, tennis or light jogging. For some more soul connection and solitude, you might love outdoorsy exercise like gardening or swimming. But definitely monotony is not your destination, the park is!





The twin aspect keeps you restless, dear Gemini, and the dualism of mind-body metabolism keeps you hungry for information and research prior to your exercise. The more knowledge you have, the higher your dedication to those workouts is. Being of dual disposition, you enjoy exercising with a buddy, so group classes are highly therapeutic for you. Zumba and Bolly dance are highly recommended. Hop, skip and go!





cancer(aqua aerobics)

You are an activity driven sign with energy synched to the moon cycle. You are all about movement and flow.  You love feeling exercise for its physical sense. Aqua aerobics and calisthenics are suited for you and gym circuit training will give you the maximum boost for a regular endorphin trigger. Moodiness can affect your routine, so choose that which makes you give up excuses to keep your body fit, and mind joyous. Own your happy hormones!



leo(weight training)

You love joyfulness and are playful. You also like to believe that you are the star of the show. Compliments thrill you and motivate you to do better. You take pride in sharing cutting edge technology within your social circuit.  One can spot you in the hottest of gyms with the latest technology and gadgets, inspiring and leading others. Weight training and kickboxing could be your passion too. You have it in you to create your own unique exercise regime. Go for it!





You love the detail and you worship perfection. Unless your calorie intake ain’t according to your BMI, you won’t start a workout which is not carefully mapped out and synchs with your diet angst. You need to start with slow and balancing exercises like Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga or Pilates. Once you start enjoying it, you can experiment with some different moves. Fortunately, FitMeIn has 350+ workouts for you to choose. We can help you in scheduling and perfecting the exercise you’re happiest with. You can also avail of our dietitian services once you download the app.



Harmony and balance are second nature to you. You also love looking classy and elegant, so sticking to your routine won’t be such an issue. You may not agree with a hectic or frenzied pace of working out, so less aggressive fitness routines attract you, such as partner Yoga, Pilates, RPM, Open Gym Access or even Ballroom Dancing. Graceful is your happy place.





A strong sensation is what you are all about, Scorpios. The ambition and intensity of your Zodiac can only be matched by powerful exercises that let off a whole lot of steam. Circuit Training, Power Yoga, Cross Fit, Rock climbing, Body Conditioning are all real deals for you. You love to push your endurance to new levels, so you might like HIIT routines like Tabata as well. Some of you prefer personal one-on-one training to maintain the stress. Pump it up!



sagittarious(circuit training)

This is an on-the-move sign that loves to travel, so variety is in your blood stream. Adventure and upbeat optimism are integral traits of being a Sagittarian personality, so the level of enthusiasm for fitness might even be unmatched. You enjoy uplifting exercises, so Zumba, Bolly Dancing, Hip Hop Dancing or Circuit Training could be most suited. Bring it on!



Here comes the most patient sign of all Zodiacs. You tend to cover a lot of ground and love slow pace. But steadiness is a strong trait; hence your dedication is remarkable. You might plan your goals for the whole year in advance, but jumping in and out might not make you so comfortable. As you are represented by a mountain goat, you like to keep it strenuous and build core strength rather than doing an all over workout each time. Consistent Cardio, Abs & Core, Kickboxing, PiYo, Cross Fit all make sense to your fitness prowess. You’re a keeper!


aquarias(aerial yoga)

You are by nature, constantly thinking individuals who enjoy offbeat options at most times. Run-of-the-mill options bore you and some spiritual assessment might be necessary to connect the workout with your system. You also like to shake up things a bit, so HIIT is a good fit for you. Tabata, Aerial Yoga Bolly Dancing, Spin Classes are quite recommended. Go with your zigzag flow!





You are dreamy, mystical and lyrical, Pisces. Music, rhythm and dance are your things. You are the most sensitive zodiac; hence strenuous efforts might dissuade you into discontinuity. Soft and gentle exercises, especially near water, keep you gung ho about your fitness commitments. Belly Dancing, Zumba, Jazzercise, Ballet, Bolly Dancing, Gentle Yoga, Meditation lift your spirits up easily. Swing on!



Let this season be your reason to a healthier year. Fitness and diet commitments will preserve your body well for life’s tests. Strengthen your durability. Pick your favourite workouts at Start today. No More Excuses.


Authored by

Richa Rihani