Fitness Studio Picks Of The Week – 2 Feb

Jovenus FitnessDesigned in the colored theme of blue and orange tones, connoting calmness and energy, Jovenus’ ideal ambience and atmosphere for fitness boats loud an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goal.

Workouts to Look for – Traditional Yoga, Zumba, Open Gym Access

Location – Gurgaon

Workhouse fitness centre

From working out on the mat to dancing on your toes, from imitating those martial art moves to kettle ball training, you name it and you’ll enjoy it under one single roof at the Workhouse. Equipped with state of the art infrastructure and qualified trainers.

Workouts to Look for – Body Conditioning, HIIT, Kettlebell Training, Spinning

Location – South Delhi


Balance Fitness Lounge

The behemoth at Gurgaon is equal parts playground and athlete’s escape, with a regulation-size boxing ring, table tennis amenities, a sports-drills center, yoga facilities, Zumba for turning and tapping towards fitness, a basketball court, gym services and much more.

Workouts to Look for – Traditional Yoga, Zumba, Open Gym Access

Location – Gurgaon


Adonis Gym & Spa - Vikaspuri

Our business at Adonis is no longer just about helping people lose weight. It’s about changing people’s lives. Whatever your motivations are, be it to have more energy to keep up with your kids after a long day at work or simply to look better, we guarantee that we’ll help you achieve your goals.

Workouts to Look for – Traditional Yoga, Zumba, Open Gym Access

Location – Gurgaon



studio prana

Away from the workout trends and diet fads, come be a part of the tradition that has stood the test of time. Yoga just won’t be about square feet of space and a mat at Prana!

Workouts to Look for – Hatha Yoga

Location – East Delhi


Her Fitness - Vikaspuri With women as their core focus, Her Fitness specialises in providing personal training, one-on-one sessions and group training. Their sessions are individually customised to suit any level of fitness, ability and age.

Workouts to Look for – Traditional Yoga, Step Aerobics, Zumba, Functional Training, Kickboxing, and many more.

Location – West Delhi