How to hide your hangover at office

Alcohol is a funny thing and can do a lot of funny things to you and your body. Feeling tipsy at a night club can end badly if you throw up and have no idea of what you are doing. The embarrassment at work can be even worse for you. It can lead to tensions at work while people form judgments about you and you yourself would feel shitty if your boss found out. The positive image that you have created toiling and laboring for months and years can fall apart within seconds. This is why you need to hide your hangover at work and behave like nothing happened.

  1. Wash yourself

Waking up with a heavy head, feeling dizzy and realising that it’s a bloody Monday morning- sounds similar to your life story? Well… this happens with almost all of us. If you cannot afford to take a leave, make a quick beeline to your washroom and clean yourself. You may be unfortunately stinking of vomit and alcohol that stayed with you since last night. Take a bath and wash yourself carefully and properly. Wash your hair, your face and your entire body to look clean.

  1. Fragrance matters

You would not want people to feel disgusted with you, would you? after having washed yourself, it’s time to make sure that nobody at work finds out how madly drunk you got last night. To feel fresh, you need a fresh and jolly deodrant or perfume. Nobody will doubt you if you go to office looking fresh and smelling of jocund blossoms!

  1. Dress neatly

People definitely take note of how you behave and dress up at your workplace. You cannot help nodding because you too do that. (And you cannot deny it: p) so, bathing and fragrance is fine but you also do need to dress neatly. Remember your pretty hair turned shaggy and ugly that literally swept the dance floor when you were engrossed in your eccentric naagin dance last night? And how you ate up your lipstick? And frozen vomit that stuck to your gown? At the moment, all this sounds gross but that’s what you were doing last night. You should transform into a wonderful princess avatar from a messed up ogress one’s. It’s ok to be a wild ogress (but not at work, darling).

  1. Say you have a headache

If anyone at work happens to suspect you or asks how your weekend was- DON’T TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR HANGOVER. You know gossip-mongers won’t take much time in spreading the word. Pretend like you have a bad headache. If someone insists on having you join them for lunch, politely decline the offer because you have a ‘HEADACHE.’ (Some lies can save lives)

  1. Stay hydrated

The best way to treat a hangover is- WATER. WATER. MORE WATER. AND LOTS OF WATER. Your body needs to feel hydrated to be able to eliminate alcohol from it. Make sure that you persistently keep loading your body with liters of water.

  1. Juice if not Water

Basically at this time, your body is in desperate need of liquids. (Not all liquids though) If you are sick of consuming water, you can carry orange juice or tomato juice to work. Coconut milk is again an option you can go for.

  1. Natural Detox Drink

This is available on Amazon for a cheap price of 100rs (MORNING FRESH – SALTED CARAMEL 60ml – NO MORE HANGOVERS – NATURAL DETOX DRINK).You can find many such detox drinks and easily flush out alcohol from your system.

Authored by

Mandavi Choudhary